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The primary purpose for this web page is to make
Ogden's Ministry Of The Heart
available to a wider audience to assist in raising the consciousness of our planet.

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Reverend Billie Ogden, Minister & Metaphysical Consultant

Reverend Billie Ogden is a Metaphysical Consultant as opposed to a so-called "Psychic". As Billie says, we all have the potential to do what she does. Most "psychics" claim they have a special gift that we ordinary people do not have. Billie holds that at the very deepest essence of our being, we are all divine children of God, capable of performing all the miracles and gifts given us by Him.

What is metaphysics anyway? Metaphysics may be defined simply as: “Beyond the physical.” What is it that lies beyond the physical; beyond our familiar world of name and form? Mystics and sages since ancient times have said and quantum physics now confirms that reality lies beyond what we can perceive through our five senses. Our very ground of being is beyond our physical senses. Mystics call it Akasha; the rapidly fading Newtonian science calls it "the ethers"; current quantum physics calls it the "Zero-Point-Field". In reality it is the SOURCE of all matter and all things seen and unseen. Most of us call that "Source" God. We are One with and inseparable from that Source, or God. Our true identity and reality lie there; beyond name and form, in God, where we all live move and have our being. That “Source” is where Billie goes to get answers to your questions.

About Billie . . .
Reverend Billie Ogden is an ordained, non-denominational minister and metaphysical consultant with clients world-wide. Before beginning a consultation session with a client, Billie centers herself and her client with the Christ Consciousness Energy. From that space she will answer any and all of her clients’ questions with the information that she sees, hears, senses, and experiences. She will address questions about, but not limited to, your health, your career, your relationships, your pets, even your past lifetimes, and any other question you can come up with.
Billie does not always give you the answers you necessarily want to hear, but will always give you the answers you need to heal your life. She does not take responsibility for your life; she will however teach you to take that responsibility for yourself. Billie prefers to work with people who want to work on themselves in order to grow spiritually and to heal themselves. She will answer your questions with truth, insight, love, honor, and even sometimes with humor.

Billie does not consider herself a psychic, but a metaphysician who can see beyond what most people can see, and considers herself a spiritually evolving person who wants to assist the planet in becoming a more peaceful, loving and gentle place. She will help you to understand your life from a more loving space and will assist you to find the most graceful way for you to shift and evolve into the truly beautiful, loving person you already are. Sometimes she will even give some of you homework to do, to help you move into a place of forgiveness that will heal your lives.

Billie has been a minister for 22 years. She has presented workshops on “Spirituality”; “Learning to Listen Within”; “Healing Your Own Life”; and “Relationships”. Presently Billie lives in North Idaho with Allen, her husband of 24 years. She is a mother of 4; a grandmother of 13; and a great-grandmother of 2. She believes that family (whether blood or chosen) is the fabric of her life and that her relationship with God is the thread from which that fabric is woven.



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Billie Ogden
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Sagle, Idaho 83860

Metaphysical Creations by Billie

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5. Cards of Inspiration by Billie - Includes Shipping & Handling
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6. Healing Heart Print Autographed, Numbered, Matted
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7. 2013 Flower of Life Calendar - Price includes Shipping & Handling
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